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Joshua Brooks

Joshua Brooks

Associate Financial Advisor

Everyone has a story to tell, right? Mine started years ago when I trained as an infantry soldier for the United States Army in Fort Benning, Georgia. I was just a young guy, but plenty was much younger than me – and we all needed guidance. Well, it just so happens that there was this older gentleman among us recruits, and I'll never forget his advice. He said, "If you are smart, what you'll do when you get out of basic training is go to Fidelity Investments or Vanguard and have them help you start investing some of your money." It was great advice, so when I arrived at Fort Lewis, Washington in 2004, I took that advice and contacted Fidelity. The person I worked with was helpful and helped me start investing.

Fast forward a few years to 2016, and I'm suddenly working for Fidelity. Next, I eventually earned my CFP® designation and served three years at Edward Jones. Now I've genuinely found a congruent fit at Clarity Financial.

This was a massive shift for me; I had long thought I would be a pastor. But God opened all of these doors for me, and I found my calling. This is my heart – I want to help people with their financial goals and make a living. More extensive than that, though, my passion is serving people. I serve my clients with tailored solutions and serve soldiers' spiritual needs as a military chaplain.

The fire of my passion for serving burns more vigorously than ever. I am passionate about understanding what’s important to you. I utilize a consultative sales approach that instills confidence in my clients. I have acquired valuable life and leadership skills through combat experience, which has proven extremely valuable in my career. I have a knack for remaining calm when the stakes are high, excelling in high-stress situations, and overcoming obstacles and objections.